Preschool Testimonials

“Dear Dee Ann,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only providing a respectful, engaging, creative and supportive environment for K. and E., but for all the support and encouragement you gave me as a parent. So much of parenting is out of my control, but I know that I gave my children the best start possible to their educational career.”  -R and J

THANK YOU.  I feel like finding the Children’s Studio for E. was a gift that just fell in my lap.  This year was a huge year for her and your school changed her in so many positive ways.  She is full of curiosity and new knowledge, thank you for all the work you and the teachers put in this year.



‘In my mind you have one of the more interesting indoor/outdoor spaces in the

Seattle area”.

Margie Carter – Author/Educator in Early Learning

Dee Ann!

You and your teachers are amazing.  I’ve always wanted an experience like this for my children and grandchildren.  K and T went to a good preschool and had some great experiences there. . .  but I don’t think they compare to this. Do you mind if i share it with some teachers?  I also think that a young mom who is working on her doctorate at the UW in science would like to see it.

M does enjoy experimenting and explaining his thinking.  I love watching and listening  . . . but I must admit that I don’t do as well as all of you do at clarifying and helping them get the science underneath. That is a real art!  Your passion just comes through!

Thanks for getting our young ones excited about their world and the science of it!

Grandma M

One of our dads called the other day to share something his son B (who is now in 2nd grade) told him. As they were driving along B was riding in the back seat very quiet. When dad asked what he was thinking about he said, ”I wish I could turn four again and stay at my old school forever”.

Dear Dee Ann,

Thank you for another wonderful year at the The Children’s Studio! I’m so glad you got to know M and I love that you appreciate her for who she is, but then again, I think you have a special gift to see all children who they really are and who they can become.

M has absolutely loved school! You have found a way to turn her on to learning and discovering. I hope it can continue into elementary school but I know it takes special people like you to help children grow.

I can’t thank you enough and I hope you know how lucky we feel to have our children in your school.

M & S

Oh DeeAnn- what a sweet sweet email!  :). This brought tears to my eyes as I prepare to send B off to at least 13 years of school that can be nowhere near as fun as her first three!  Thank goodness for such a great place as The Children’s Studio and you and her wonderful teachers there who have planted deep inside her a beautiful curiosity and zest for learning!  You will be missed- perhaps more than you know!  So grateful I have two more years with little B- feeling blessed beyond measure to have discovered your little gem of a school!



Dear Dee Ann,

As I hope I adequately communicated, you have our MOST HEARTFELT GRATITUDE.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being such an enlightened educator extraordinaire, nurturing M (and all your other children, past, present, and future) with such great love, passion, and care, and for so generously providing your invaluable guidance to us.

As with all your precious children, you should know (as I’m certain you do), that your impact in shaping their lives and nourishing their spirits is so utterly profound.  Not only do you invite and allow the  spirits of our children to flourish and soar, you also so greatly influence the lives of all they touch, now and going forward.  What a legacy of tremendous love.

Thank you for gracing our lives and this world with your radiance, as only a true Goddess can.

With greatest admiration and gratitude (and bear hugs),


Dear DeeAnn,

We are so glad we found the Children’s Studio. S loves coming to school. Thank you for having such wonderful teachers and for creating such an engaging and beautiful school environment. We are very grateful!


M & S