About the Preschool Teachers

Even though we take great pride in our curriculum, utilizing emergent curriculum and using the environment as an integral part of our teaching, we recognize that the factor which outweighs all of the above are our teachers.

All of our preschool teachers have trained under Dee Ann’s tutelage and have learned the language and intricacies of how to make the child feel they are not only a learner, but a teacher; where their ideas and thoughts will and can be heard and implemented into the curriculum. This process is difficult to assimilate for the majority of teachers, especially if they have come from a traditional education or teaching environment where the teacher is taught to stand in front, give information, and expect the children to learn it and then repeat it back. Understanding that learning is a journey of discovery and a hands on approach of trial and error takes practice, commitment, and passion.

It is truly remarkable when you see the learning/teaching that takes place when a teacher becomes a facilitator, knowing when to step in with a question or idea that gets the child/children to think about alternatives, and when to let the children solve their own problems.  Even the adult teachers are amazed at the solutions and learning that takes place.

Bethany Still

Bethany was our first teacher and opened the school in 2003 with Dee Ann.

Early Childhood Education Degree – BC

21 years Teaching Experience – Bellevue College/The Children’s Studio

Responsible for Curriculum Development

Elke Maas-Westen 

Associates Degree: Early Childhood Education

Masters: Secondary Education/Mathematics/Visual Arts

PhD: Art History

Elke teaches our science and art classes in our after school enrichment program.

Kirsten Heine

B.A. in Creative Writing – St. Olaf College

M.Ed in Elementary Education, DePaul University

National Board Certified Teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy, Reading and Language Arts

18 years experience teaching preschool, elementary , and providing coaching and mentoring for teachers in the area of authentic reading and writing experiences.

Dee Ann Perea

Started the Children’s Studio in 2003 with Bethany Still.

Founding member of the Governor’s Commission on Early Learning, nominated by Melinda Gates and then Governor’s wife Mona Locke.

34 years teaching Early Childhood Education

18 years teaching Parent Education at Bellevue College

Guest speaker at various venues and was a speaker for BER (Bureau of Education and Research)

Member of the North American Reggio Alliance and a founding member of  the local Reggio affiliation. She has traveled and studied extensively at various Reggio based teaching facilities and attended multiple Reggio conferences.