The philosophy of The Children’s Studio holds that knowledge and understanding are constructed through social interactions. It is our hope that all children who attend The Children’s Studio will be embraced by the wonder, possibilities, imagination, passion, and the joy of learning and teaching.
Educational Philosophy

The Children’s Studio philosophy is based on Vygotskian, Piagetian and Reggio Emilia practices (You Tube Video) which emphasize placing a high degree of respect on the capabilities of the individual child as well as instilling values that promote the rights of children, families, and

We believe in what research shows:
play is critical to learning and is vital to future performance. Play develops the brain and builds critical thinking skills needed for problem solving and learning cause and effect.

Without play, we would not have accomplished everything we have today. All of our great scientists, artisans, and leaders had the greatest training nature could provide; play.

Children inspire the curriculum at The Children’s Studio. We encourage play in all facets and prepare the children for learning though varied and meaningful experiences involving all developmental areas. We offer a multitude of open ended activities that build skills for learning science, math, reading, writing, literacy and the arts. Strong emphasis is placed on supporting the child’s physical, social, and emotional growth and development.

“Learning is not a race for information – it is a walk of discovery”

– Jane Healy

 We Believe:
  • Preschool age children learn through play.
  • Children have an innate desire to learn and deserve to have a nurturing, socially and emotionally safe and happy preschool experience.
  • Children learn best in an aesthetically pleasing and soothing environment.
  • Children and teachers learn side by side as co-learners and teachers.
  • Children learn best if play experiences are directly related to activities, events and interests in their lives.
  • It is a child’s right to have their voice and choices heard and understood.